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漂亮的房子,美麗的家庭。。。 Nice house and beautiful family…


That day we went for a mission in Sitiawan…
We got to know this beautiful family, they were very kind to us. The kids all gave up their rooms to accommodate us for five nights, e felt rather bad.
Not only that, the wife even became our driver…



Their house is very nice and big, but not everyone who has a beautiful house is willing to trouble themselves to receive you…
To receive people into your home, your heart has to be beautiful and big too.




Of course, please do not misunderstand, we did not request to stay in this kind of houses, it was their own hospitality to open their home and receive us!
Normally, we do not mind squeezing in one room especially when we go places that are lacking, the important thing is to share the Gospel. We will give thanks in either situation, that God would even use people like us to serve Him…



What we ought to learn is, do not demand a lot from others to treat us very well, but when we are doing something for others, then strive to do the best for them.



Thank God for giving us such a comfortable place to stay, though we had a hectic time, we did have very good rest too…



The busy schedule went by very quickly, we left behind beautiful memories in Sitiawan…


今天去实兆远! Going to Sitiawan today!

Been a while I did not go to area around Sitiawan and Pangkor, making a comeback today!


So, Sitiawan, I’m coming…
Please contact the respective churches for details, thanks!

实兆远卫理公会/Sitiawan Pioneer Methodist Church: 6920612
邦咯卫理公会/Pangkor Methodist church: 6853034
安顺卫理公会/Teluk Intan Methodist Church: 6225873

漸漸成形。。。 Taking shape gradually…



Today I had another meeting with the committee and the representatives of our construction work…
Generally I have no knowledge in this area and normally I would not be interested in such thing too, but God has assigned me to this task, so I have to undertake it responsibly…



Thank God for His grace that He gave me very capable, one-hearted leaders, committee etc to assist me, only then could we proceed smoothly with this mighty project.



After inspecting the construction work each time, you can only give thanks to God for being so gracious to us…




What already looks like a huge building gradually taking shape is in fact just the first stage, it is not even half the size of the second stage!
So when the entire construction is completed, we will be even more grateful to God for His mercy on us!


Stage one should be completed by September, by that time we can move into our new home already! Are you excited?




While you are full of expectancy and excitement, do not ever forget to pray for the committee and leaders who are working very hard for our church-building, and be even more grateful and obedient!
Never ever forget, behind your comfort and enjoyment, there are people working hard for you…